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Our employer value proposition: We stand for a better world, a better company and more fulfilling future

SHV Energy is a leading global distributor of off-grid energy such as LPG and LNG and is active in the area of sustainable fuels and renewable energy solutions.

SHV Energy is a wholly owned subsidiary of SHV, a family-owned multinational, and consists of a group of specialised energy companies. Our brands include Calor, Ipragaz, Liquigas, Primagaz and Supergasbras. With these companies, we make it our mission to provide decentralised, low-carbon and clean energy solutions to 30 million business and residential customers who are not on the energy grid. SHV Energy has as it's sole presence in the Netherlands a small head office in Hoofddorp which employees around 120 people and 30 people outside the Netherlands.

Besides meeting essential off-grid energy requirements, our products offer major environmental benefits, as they are far cleaner than many of the solid and liquid fuels that would otherwise be used. We encourage and enable customers to switch from the most highly polluting fuels, such as coal and heating oil, to LPG and LNG, which results in a significant reduction in carbon dioxide and particulate matter emissions.

SHV Energy Head Office has it's base in Hoofddorp and currently we are with 150 employees supporting our business' in the countries accross the world. Here you will find a multi national setting that covers all disciplines in terms of Business, Marketing, Renewables, Innovation, Sustainable Fuels, Information Technology, Procurement, Finance and Human Resources with a global scope.

SHV Energy offers an exciting international working platform for both young professionals and experienced managers. The long-term perspective of a multinational, but family-owned, business creates a unique experience for those who enjoy an entrepreneurial environment.

SHV Energy has a policy of employing, developing and fairly rewarding its people, wherever they work and whatever they do.

Our people can expect equitable working conditions, relevant training and ongoing development. Our decentralised culture encourages empowerment, together with open and honest communication within and between SHV Energy teams. Furthermore, we look to stimulate local economies by employing local people. Our people in the field are entrepreneurial and value integrity and loyalty. Their excellence has defined our success in the past as it will in the future.

SHV Energy is an equal opportunity company and adheres to ethical recruiting methods ensuring that we do not discriminate against any candidate because of age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

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Our current job opportunities:

Global Digital Creative Strategist
184 Global Growth CoE
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands
IT Vendor & Contract Manager
500 Global IT
  • Hoofddorp, Netherlands

Our Employer Value Proposition

What we stand for

For a better world
At SHV Energy we are dedicated to creating a better world. Being ambitious and innovative we deliver more sustainable energy to today’s world and future generations. We work together with our customers to achieve our vision of “Advancing Energy Together”, by helping them to reduce their carbon Impact.

For a better company
At SHV Energy we grow by working together. Proud of our SHV history and strong legacy our success is achieved by creating a leading position in niche markets. We are a customer centric business with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are culturally diverse and truly believe every role in our business is equally important in helping us to achieve our goals. Everything we do is built on a foundation of safety and trust. 

For a more fulfilling future
Our global presence is built on strong local businesses. Our company culture provides a supportive environment that truly allows you to reach your potential and to really make a difference. We ask our employees to be open minded, to embrace new ways of working, to continuously learn, and when needed, to step out of their comfort zones. Opportunities to progress, to develop and to be recognised for your achievements is part of daily life. Together with your commitment, drive and personal performance, we believe you can bring out the best in yourself at SHV Energy.


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